Why you just have to roll with it

busy mumToday was going to be my most productive day this week!!  I had endless chores to do - washing dishes, washing and drying clothes, ironing, vacuuming.  Not to mention everything else I had planned - coffee with a girlfriend, call someone to fix the oven, do some study, send an email to my supervisor, and somewhere in there I was going to do some weights. So what did I actually do today?  Nuthin! That's right, you heard straight. I did nuthin all day. You see I had a bub that needed me...  he was sick.

He woke up quite well, so I dawdled getting my and his breakfast instead of doing the endless things I was supposed to be doing.  But sometime mid morning he started to go down hill.  He had a runny nose, watery eyes and a bottom lip that could touch the floor.  And before I knew it, he hadn’t slept all day and it was almost evening.

Don’t get me wrong, I tried to do the washing up, I tried to hang out the clothes, hell I even tried to tidy the lounge room floor.  But nope, I only got through half of these tasks before a wailing baby called for my attention.

But at least I did do something today – I ate some lunch… at 4pm!!

I was able to successfully time my cooked pasta and reheated bolognaise in between episodes of Pepper Pig!  Yup you heard right, I committed the cardinal sin of parenting, I put bub in front of the TV!  You see I had tried everything to get him to calm.  Not just some things… everything!  I tried distraction, I tried dummy in, I tried dummy out, I tried playing, I tried putting him to sleep, I tried swaddling, I tried un-swaddling, I tried Pepper Pig, I tried The Wiggles, I tried laying on the bed with him, I tried rocking him, I tried feeding him.

In the end I gave up.  He wasn’t going to sleep… he just wanted to be held. Plain and simple.

So I layed down next to him on the bed and played Candy Crush on my phone.  Next thing I know – he’s asleep!  Gah!!!

But wait, please don’t misinterpret that as time for me to get all my chores done…. hell no, I wasn’t moving an inch.  I was not waking this baby up for anything.  Turns out he woke after fifteen minutes anyway so that was the end of that.

But during this time I did reflect on what it was like when he was first born.  I can recall back to when my little man was four weeks old and all I wanted to do that day was go to Target to return some of bubbys clothes.  That was it.. for the whole day!  But I never got there.  My little one wasn’t even sick, he was just a newborn and needed my attention more on that day.  But that was the day I took a back step and learnt to just roll with it.

You forget these things when your babyies are older.  You forget how a successful day was defined by being out of the house by 10:30am, or by being able to shower. You forget just how flexible you have to be.

So today I did nothing all day, I just rolled with it.  Whatever he needed I was there and my needs to get things done had to take a back step.

Because today I simply needed to be a mum.

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  1. This was just what I needed to read. As a new mum to my darling six week boy, your words and wisdom ring very true. Thank you xx

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