Why my dishes can wait til tomorrow

dirty dishes

The dishes are piled in the sink.  There is washing to be washed and dried.  There are clothes to be picked up, shoes to be put away and the bed to be made.  The carpet needs vacuuming, the tiles need scrubbing and I’m sure the house needs a dust too.  I should be at the supermarket buying dinner, I should be cleaning the bathroom and I definitely should be paying some bills. 

But I’m far too busy for any of that.

It’s a beautiful sunny day and bubby and I are at the park.  

We’re laying under the trees watching the leaves blow in the wind.  We’re discovering our hands, our feet, our ears.  We feel the roughness of our singlet, the smoothness of our skin and the stickiness of our chin.  We are trying to put all four fingers from one hand in our mouth whilst holding our opposite foot with our other hand.  We really are very clever!


We’re smelling the freshly cut grass, and listening to the buzzing of bees.  We can see children playing near by, laughing and giggling.  It’s pretty funny so we giggle too.  But our fingers are in our mouth so it’s more like a wet raspberry.

What we are doing is playing…. well actually we’re learning but we just don’t know it yet.

My mind digresses to the things I should be doing today.  The cleaning, the washing, the tidying, the vacuuming, the scrubbing, the dusting, the shopping and the paying of bills.  But then I hear a ‘mama’, or what I am certainly sure is a ‘mama’.  Bubby is babbling and looking at me with a cheeky, toothless, full of fingers smile.

And then I realise.  This is what I should be doing… being a mum.  And everything else can wait until tomorrow.

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  1. It was so refreshing to read this. I though I was the only weirdo who actually enjoyed night feeds.

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