Why mothers never get anything done

It's 9am and I've just put bubby down for his morning sleep.  I reckon I have about an hour and a half before he wakes.  I'm excited!

I have plans… A new book to get lost in whilst I sit by the fire drinking hot chocolate.  I bought a romance novel last week and I’ve been too busy to start it. I can’t wait – I love a new book.

But before I venture to my spot by the fireplace, I must take a shower.  I haven’t washed my hair for three days as I’ve been showering while bub is awake so I’ve been super quick.  I jump in the shower and blissfully wash my hair for the first time that week.

my french affiar

After the shower I notice a whole pile of dirty washing.  Ah, I think.  I’ll put that on now and hang it out this afternoon.  So I go downstairs and put the washing in the laundry.  On my way through the kitchen I notice dirty dishes not washed up from the night before.  Must do that. While I’m packing the dish washer I boil the kettle – one step closer to my hot chocolate.

Once the dish washer is packed and started, it occurs to me I was going to cook up some vegetables for bubby’s lunch this morning. Given how long it takes me to chop up everything while he is awake, I think that I will quickly chop the veggies and put them on the stove and then they’re ready for lunch.  I flick the kettle on again (just to make sure the water is hot enough) and open the fridge to get the veggies out.  Typical, there’s no milk, we only  have soy and full cream (yuck!).  I pull out some long life light milk from the pantry and pop it in the fridge.  I pull out the veggies, chop them and put them on the stove.  I boil the kettle for a third time thinking, surely I will make it this time.

Finally, I make my hot chocolate.  I pull the light milk from the fridge and scoop a couple of spoonfuls of Milo into my cup (and one into my mouth – yes I still do this as an adult!)

I sit by the fireplace and realise the fire is out. Great!  I run out into the garage and grab some sticks, wood and fire lighters.  On my way back into the house I power up my laptop.  I uploaded my research survey last night and I’m interested in seeing how many participants I recruited overnight.  While the fire is catching, I check my stats – they look good. I take a drink of my hot chocolate.  Blah! I made it with soy milk by accident.  Clearly I’m distracted this morning!  The fire is still catching so I quickly check my blog stats (they look fine), check my email (ohh, there’s one from hubby – I’d better reply to that) and check Facebook (a couple of new comments I need to follow up). Then as I distractedly scroll through I hear it…a cry over the baby monitor.

Oh god, surely he’s not awake yet, I’ve only just put him down.  I haven’t even started my book yet. I check the time – 10:20?  Surely not. I close the laptop and sit down by the fire. For some reason I think that if I do what I said I was going to do in the first place the baby won’t wake up.

But I hear it again… another cry.  And another. Damn it, he’s awake!  I’m such an idiot.  I do this every time! I didn’t even open my book.  I think about what I’ve done the last hour and a half. I moved the dirty washing from one room to another, I half cooked lunch, half cleaned most of the dishes but made more dirty ones in the meantime, drank a sh!tty hot chocolate and just about put the fire out, again! Oh well, at least I showered today.  The book, however, will have to wait for another day.

Does this sound like you? What do you never get a chance to do because you’re too busy?

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  1. Yes that it almost 100% me….but wait what is this book thing you were talking about??? It’s the assignment that I have a small window to work on while the kids are away/sleeping. I have found that I have to leave the house a mess when I study or I will do what you described. Before I know it, I have done almost nothing and it is pick up time. I am very jealous of you reading a book by the fire. It sounds wonderful. I hope you can find the time for your book soon.

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