Why I am happy for you to ‘steal’ my baby name

When I was pregnant I had a lot of unsolicited advice about what I should and should not be doing with my pregnancy.  None of it really bothered me to be honest!  I gracefully copped it on the chin and said “thanks, I’ll take that on board” and immediately forgot about it.  But probably the most interesting advice I received was not to share my baby name.

People gave me this advice for a number of reasons but the main one was because I would run the risk that someone would ‘steal’ my baby name.  Now this annoyed me!!  Let me outline my annoyances about this piece of advice…

Baby Names

Firstly, it’s not my baby name.  There are plenty of Charlottes and Oliver’s in the world, particularly at the moment so I’m not sure why I should be offended if someone ‘steals’ my baby name.

Secondly, there are bound to be other Charlottes and Olivers in my child’s class at school.  So according to the logic of the unsolicited advisor, I am supposed to be angry at their parents for choosing the same name as my little one?  Right!

And thirdly, even if someone did ‘steal’ my baby name do you really think that is going to stop me from naming my baby the name I want – the name they are going to have for the rest of their life!  Who is to say that I will still know these people who ‘stole’ when the baby is older.  Don’t you think I would regret more not naming my baby what I want and risk my friends being annoyed at me for a month, or naming the baby what I want which they will have….hmm… I know what my answer would be!

Besides, many kids I grew up with, including, oh, me (!) loved being friends with other children with the same name!!

So during my pregnancy I was more than happy to share my baby names.  We hadn’t decided upon a name definitely, in fact we didn’t even know the gender so we chose Charlotte and Oliver as our favourites.  But as it turns out bubby was a boy and didn’t look like an Oliver anyway so a scrap lot of good that unsolicited advice was anyway!!

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  1. Hahaha I totally agree!! I told everyone our son’s name. I never understood the whole “stealing” thing………

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