When you think you won’t need a lawyer for the family… this happens

Imagine this….

You and the kids have just been in a car accident. The kids are fine (phew!) but you have injured your back and neck. It’s nothing too serious, but walking, sitting and sleeping is challenging, and lifting the kids up is out of the question. You need to take a few weeks leave from work but you can’t possibly afford to. You have groceries to buy, childcare and school fees, and you have the added burden of not being able to use your car.

Then imagine this.

After initially trying to manage the after math of the accident yourself, you made some inquiries with a compensation lawyer. Thank goodness you did as you didn’t realise at the time of the accident just how debilitating your injury was going to be, how much it would impact your parenting, and how long it would take you to recover. Luckily you made contact as not only did you receive compensation for your injury, the insurance company also covered your legal fees. What a relief that this freed up time for you to focus on your recovery and gave you extra money to employ some home help.


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We don’t imagine accidents will ever happen to us, but for many of us we will find ourselves in this position.

While in most instances everyone is thankfully okay, it is those disturbances to everyday tasks that accidents bring such as needing time off from work, not being able to lift your children into their car seats, bending down to kiss them goodnight, taking them to the park, and not having a car at all! Further, we don’t anticipate the long term implications, and if we do, we don’t know how we could ever cover the costs of the medical expenses.

Some lucky people have family and friends who can support them. But it is a big ask to have someone who has their own life, own work obligations and own family commitments to give up their time to support you. Many people opt to have, or have no choice but to, ask for home help or assistance.

If my husband and I ever found ourselves in this situation, this is exactly what we would need to do. We both work, our son goes to childcare, and as often is the case for our generation, our families live interstate (or more correctly, we moved away for better work opportunities). It would be too much to ask them to fly to Canberra to spend weeks and months supporting us.

With all the stress of managing the family, running the household, and trying to physically and mentally recover from the accident (which may take months or longer), wouldn’t it be ideal to have someone be able to take care of the finances for you. So you can focus on the things that you need to do to ensure you and your family are coping.

This is where compensation lawyers come in.

Firths The Compensation Lawyers are one such company that can assist you with your compensation needs.

Many people are hesitant in using lawyers because of the fees, but did you know that compensation lawyers can often get you compensation entitlements that you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to achieve, and arrange to have your legal fees paid for by the insurance company? That takes the burden off a bit doesn’t it?

Secondly, compensation lawyers also have the skills and knowledge to guide you through the investigation process. For example, did you know that whether you are at fault or not, speaking to an insurance investigator can be highly detrimental to your case?  If I wasn’t aware of this, I wouldn’t think twice before speaking to an investigator. I wouldn’t have anything to hide but I would undoubtedly say something silly given the amount of stress I would be under after the trauma of the accident. In many instances even the most seemingly innocent comments can be turned around in court by a keen-eyed barrister.

It is reassuring for me to know that when I already have a a busy life juggling my role as a mum, a wife, a full time employee, and the running of a household, and could have on top of all that needing time to focus on my physical and psychological recovery, that there are professionals out there who have my compensation needs covered and have expertise in guiding me through the process.

So next time you find yourself in one of these situations, or the many other situations we least expect to be in, seriously consider making inquiries with a compensation lawyer.

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