Vegetable Puree


You will need:
1 vegetable of your choice (I have pumpkin and sweet potato here), peeler, knife, chopping board, steamer, and bay mix or equivalent (all cleaned well)

Step One:Vegetable Puree
Peel and chop your vegetable into small pieces

Step Two:
Place chopped vegetable into steamer.  Steam until very soft to touch with a fork.

Step Three:
Pour most of the water out into a separate jug, but leave a little bit for blending otherwise you will make a mash not a puree

Step Four:
Once vegetable has cooled a little, bay mix to your desire.  Normally takes a couple of mixes for me as I like mine quite smooth.  Add more liquid from stock if needed.

Step Five:
Wait until puree has cooled a lot and serve to baby.  Or place puree into ice cubes and put into freezer for later use.  Once frozen store in air tight bags or containers for a couple of months.

What is your favourite recipe for baby’s first food?

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