The Maze Runner [Book Review]

WICKED is good…. or is it?

I began reading The Maze Runner series, by James Dashner, reluctantly. I watched the movie and loved the concept. I knew it was based on a book, you know those movies, you can just tell they’re based on books. So I did some background checking and found that The Maze Runner was part of a trilogy written for young adults.

And this is where my reluctance begins. It wasn’t that long ago that I was burnt by the much talked about Divergent Series. Similar to The Maze Runner, I watched the movie, liked the concept and wanted to read the books. But, I hated the ending of the Divergent Series. See my review here.

But, judgements aside, I started reading The Maze Runner to see how it faired against Divergent, and whether it would be suitable for my reader’s kids. Find my final recommendations at the end.

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