Bad habits I must stop doing in front of my child

Ninety eight percent of my childless friends swear.

When looking at my friends with kids, the rate is only about 20%.

At some point in time adults metamorph into responsible parents. I have always assumed that this occurs from the moment they give birth.

But this wasn’t the case for me.

Don’t get me wrong, in many ways it did. But in other ‘rebellious’ ways it didn’t.

Perhaps sub-consciously I’ve been holding onto my old adult life? Perhaps I feel invigorated by rebelling against the stereotypical ‘mummy’ role. You know what I’m talking about, the mis-matched-trackpants-mum, Tarago-driving-soccer-mum, cup-holder-on-pram mum. Isn’t that how society sees us mums?

Well, I am not sure, but I think it’s about time my metamorphosis happened.

Astonished woman

I really need to stop swearing in front of my child.

Up until this point my child has been too young to understand what I’m talking about, it’s all just noise to him.

I don’t usually swear in frustration or because I’ve stubbed my toe or anything like that so he hasn’t picked up the tone of my swearing, but I do have a tendency to drop an F bomb into a conversation when I’m getting excited about something, and I do say sh!t, bl**dy and cra@p a lot too.

I am not even sure why I am censoring these words, you are all saying them in your heads as you read!

And yes, they are all swear words, I’m not getting into a debate whether bl**dy is a swear word, of course it bl**dy is!

I think it really is time I need to stop swearing and engage in some ‘good’ parenting skills that won’t have me judged in a coffee shop for slipping an F bomb into conversation.

I always promised myself wholeheartedly said flippantly I would stop swearing when I gave birth.

That was the going to be the turning point. But it didn’t happen.

So it was going to be when he was three months. Then it was when he said his first word, then second word.

He is now saying three words and I’m so scared his next word is going to be bullsh!t.

Essentially what I am talking about here are bad habits. I need to be aware of my bad habits and stop doing them so they don’t become my son’s bad habits too.

So I vow from this moment to cease all my bad habits. For the sake of judgemental looks from other better parents at coffee shops. And for the sake of my child, and all future children! And for the sake of that first time he swears, which will undoubtedly happen in public, or in front of my boss, or to my nan!

Update: My child is almost two…. I’m still swearing! But I must admit, I’m saying a lot more ‘oopsy-daisy’ and ‘uh ohs’ nowadays. Maybe I am changing?

What bad habits have you got and when did you stop doing them in front of your children?

Is there a right time to stop your bad habits before they become your children’s bad habits?

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2 Comments on Bad habits I must stop doing in front of my child

  1. Yep I’m not big on swearing but my daughter was very little when she first said “bugger”. Not the worst, but still unpleasant to hear coming from such a tiny little mouth! We had to laugh when she first started to say “frog” though. Can you guess how it came out? Hilarious!

    • That is funny Emily! I can guarantee you I have now officially stopped swearing! I wasn’t a big swearer to be honest, but children pick up on everything so it would only take a couple of swear words to know that they aren’t allowed to use them!

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