Support for a family in need

As the end of the year draws near, many of us take the time to reflect upon the last twelve months – what we have achieved, what we have experienced, what our defining moments have been. Whilst reflecting on my year, I received an email from a lovely woman who was seeking support for a Canberra-based family who were experiencing significant hardship. It was reading this email and reflecting upon my own life that I realised two things. Firstly, I am truly lucky to have a healthy family and secondly, I have not really done enough to support those who are suffering. I knew then that I had to spread the word about this important cause.

So with this in mind, please continue to read the family’s story and consider buying a raffle ticket in support.


Raffle Flyer (1)

They are a family with three young children (in year 2, kindergarten and age 3). In November 2013, the father was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer and was given a life expectancy of 6-9 months. He has been fighting hard all year with regular chemotherapy and the support of his amazing wife and family.

The raffle is online (it’s as easy as clicking on  and is open to all ACT residents (ACT raffle permit number R 14/00307). Prizes include:

  • three photography sessions,
  • voucher for two hours of pampering at Zaija (hair and beauty salon)
  • 10 pack of PT sessions,
  • $200 cleaning voucher,
  • a real Christmas tree; and
  • many more amazing goods and services (see more here)

Tickets are $5 each ($4.70 goes to the family and there is a 30c booking fee).

The raffle is open until 1 December 2015 (unless all tickets are sold before then) and will be drawn on Friday 5 December at 9.45am

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