Sunshine Sundays: Kisses good ‘Night’

Our nights start when daddy gets home from work. Three nights a week daddy rushes home to spend some one on one time with bub before heading out to run, swim or volunteer. In fact Monday nights he doesn't get home from training until after bub is already in bed. So usually the early evening is spent playing with dad, and maybe dinner if time permits, before dad heads out. The rest of the night is just bub and I. Dinner, bath time, reading at least 6 books, some mummy milk and bed by 7pm.


I have learnt to find the positive in those nights with just bub and I. Feeding him, reading to him, settling him, nursing him – it’s such a beautiful closeness in such a quiet, peaceful house. I spend some time stroking bubby’s face as he sleeps, I can hear the shallowness of his sleeping breathing. A kiss goodnight when bub is asleep and I can start ‘mummy time’.

This is when I finish eating my own dinner and sit by the computer in quiet solitude. Unloading all my thoughts and reflections from my mind that I built up over the day into one of my many projects; my blog, my thesis or one of my books I have on the go. Depending on how settled bub was during the day, I might settle into bed early with a good book to clear my head before bed. When dad comes home, he eats, washes up, kisses bub goodnight and snuggles into bed beside me where we talk together about our day. I catch him up on all the wonderful things our babe did that day – I know he wishes he was there.

For all other nights when dad is home, we share feeding bub, bathing him (although bubby loves to bath with dad the most as he is much more fun), reading to him and putting him down for the night. We share the cooking and the dishes. At some time around 7pm, when bub goes to bed, and receives a kiss each each from us, we settle into the evening. Dinner together alfresco style on the balcony. We don’t have a tv so we usually settle into a board game or game of chess together. At some stage I retire to the computer were I plug away at more of my projects, and hubby settles into a book. His reading twenty books this year goal is going strong. Then like all the other nights we snuggle into bed and usually fall into a deep exhausted sleep.

I love these nights too.

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9 Comments on Sunshine Sundays: Kisses good ‘Night’

  1. Fab night light. It’s good to enjoy time on your own…

  2. Busy, busy, then finding time to all wind down together. It’s a beautiful end to the day. Visiting via Sunshine Sundays x

  3. Lovely Lauren. Your home sounds so gentle, wholesome and balanced. The perfect place your your precious one. Thanks so much for linking up for Sunshine Sundays! Lovely to have you xx

  4. What a wonderful way to end your day xx

  5. Sounds lovely and similar to the goings on in our house. I usually do the night time routine with the girls, but on weekends my husband lends a hand 🙂

  6. It is lovely that you have this precious time with your bubs. I love snuggles and kisses good night.

  7. I love that you don’t plonk on the couch and watch tv that when you have time together you spend it together properly. You sound like you are fully with your baby when you are together and fully with your partner when he is there. I must take some lessons from this.

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