Seven important lessons of travelling with a baby

Image Hubby, bubby and I spent the last five weeks travelling around Australia and it was blissful.  We spent a great deal of time seeing family and close friends over the Christmas and New Year break.  The majority of the time ran seamlessly due to our prior planning and forward thinking.  However, there were a few hiccups (and many laughs) along the way.  Here is what we learnt:

1 Do plan long car rides around sleep times.  We left at baby o’clock (bubby’s first feed), which was 4.40am for a long 7 hour drive from Canberra to Melbourne.  Bubby slept for three hours to our first stop at Holbrook where he had a feed and slept again for the rest of the trip.  On our return trip, we left at 6:30pm (bed time) and bubby slept for three hours to our first stop for dinner.

2. Don’t stop unless you have to when driving long distances.  We put off our own dinner on the road so bubby could naturally wake up which meant we could then eat.

3. Do check your itinerary.  My lovely, wonderful husband who never makes mistakes *cough* didn’t read our booking itinerary correctly which meant we drove for an hour to the Spirit of Tasmania only to find out that we were a day early!  And because we had timed it all perfectly with bub, he cried most of the way back to where we had only just left from!

4. Don’t leave dirty nappies on the roof.  After a side of the road quick nappy change, I may or may not have left the nappy on the roof of the car.  We 10km of a highway only to pullover for a quick dummy fix to find the nappy STILL on the roof.  All I can say is, thank god for roof racks!

5. Do take frozen solids in a little container, or, buy a prepackaged baby food from the supermarket.  This worked a treat for our long drives where we were able to stop and have a quick, non-hassle feed before continuing on.

6. Don’t drive off with the boot open.  And again, after the nappy incident we drove off with the boot open.  Thankfully nothing fell out.  Such a relief given we had spent most of the morning arguing that the pram should definitely next to the bath which was on top of the change mat and beside the port-a-cot.

7. Do pack nappy bag on top.  This made life so much easier when we had to do a pit stop.  We also included a change of clothes for explosions which inevitably happen!

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