When post-baby holidays are no longer holidays!

Remember that blissful time you went on holiday to Bali and spent the entire time lounging by your villa pool or crashing about in the waves when you learnt how to surf?

What about that time you went on a shopping trip and spent your days in and out of shops and your nights eating at fancy restaurants and drinking on rooftop bars in your slinky new dress?

Well, for many of us, those days are a distant memory.

For many of us, who have kids, that is!

I remember my first holiday post-baby. Disaster!

My husband and I went to a resort and I had visions of us reading by the pool. Nope, no to be. We literally spent the whole time running after our 18-month-old trying to stop him from drowning.

Then our next holiday, a shopping trip. You’d think we would have learnt from our first trip, but no, it was equally disastrous.

Our son cried the entire time, not only in the shops, oh no, but for the entire plane trip there. It was as if he knew he was going on a rubbish holiday in some mall. Which turned out to be true anyway.

After a several month hiatus from travelling, when we mourned our pre-baby holidays of luxury and relaxing, we tried again. This time we had two kids, and we took a different approach.

A driving holiday, based entirely around the needs of our family.

We got the car serviced first, which is a must when travelling long distances in my opinion and were fortunate enough to have found NRMA through our research.

Then before long we were set.

And it was perfect.

The kids were able to relax in their car seats with their respective entertainment in hand (Play School for my pre-schooler and an educational App for my youngest) and it barely felt as though we were travelling.

We spent several days at each location so not to spread ourselves too thin in our travels. We tackled beaches, caravan parks, farm-stays, resorts, you name it, we went there.

No, it wasn’t a shopping holiday, but to be honest, I don’t want the kids with me when I shop anyway. I save those for girl’s trips from now on!

And yes, while we did go to a beach and a caravan park with a pool, we spent time in the pool playing with the kids instead of reading beside it. When the kids were in bed, that’s had our one-on-one time drinking beautiful wine.

When you re-frame your holidays with children, it makes a world of difference. Holidays are now full-on definitely, but they’re so much more enjoyable and fun! And most importantly, they’re so easy now!

When you decide on a driving holiday, you don’t have to worry about stop-overs at airports, on forever chasing your kids up and down the aisles, and bothering other travelers on their pre-baby relaxing holidays!

So if you’re planning on a driving holidays with the kids, please check out NRMA for your car servicing needs or when purchasing a new car.

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