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This morning I had a choice.

It is a wet and miserable day, which meant I wasn’t able to take bubby for a walk after breakfast. So instead I had to think creatively for indoor exercise ideas. And along came… Pilates!

Now, I am nooo Pilates instructor and I don’t have a TV so I can’t watch any Pilates DVDs but I do have the internet and I do have You Tube. After I had my baby I found some wonderful Pilates workouts by an American named Casey Ho. She runs Blogilates. And I love her! It is true, she has such a wonderful personality and her videos are short and sharp which is perfect for busy mums.

So today my Healthy Choices Mummy was the following videos:

As you will see, one of them is only four minutes long. But it is an awesome workout for your inner thighs! The entire workout was only 32 minutes long, which is hardly any time out of my day. When I first started with Casey, I set myself a ten day Pilates challenge. All I had to do was some Pilates every day for ten days. Some days I only did the 4 minute inner thigh workout. But after ten days, I felt amazing and noticed some changes in my body – my clothes fit so much better!!! You should give it a go!

Pilates makes me feel fantastic! It gets rid of my bloaty tummy and strengthens my core at the same time. There’s no excuse not to make this healthy choice, you only need the internet!

Below are some awkward photos as proof that I did it! Can I mention just how hard it is to take photos of yourself doing Pilates. It was difficult!

Indoor exercise - Pilates

Indoor exercise – Pilates


What was your healthy choice today? What about some indoor Pilates in the privacy of your own home?

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