When is the perfect time to upgrade your car?

Remember when you first found out you were having a baby?

What went through your mind?

Panic… happiness… panic again.

We often start preparing for our new arrival as soon as we see those two little lines on the pregnancy stick. Positive!

There are people who move houses, purchase every new gadget under the sun, enrol their child into childcare and private high schools. Go on, put your hand up, you know you’re one of them!

Others go out and buy a car.

They do their research, find the safest and most reliable car on the market, enter the dealership and wholla (!) they’ve got themselves a brand-new family car.

My husband and I already had a safe and reliable car pre-kids. We called it the Family Wagon. Actually, it was my husband’s car that he had purchased eight years earlier, before he met me, and you know what his deciding factor for buying it was… that it could fit four bushwalking backpacks and a bike in the boot!

Years later, we couldn’t believe when it also met our needs as we extended our family. You see, not only do you need a car that is safe and reliable, but it also needs to be large enough for all the junk you have to pack any time you leave the house with kids.

Nappy bags. Prams. Car Seats. Porta-cots. Bags filled with toys. Bags filled with an endless supply of goodness knows what.

Then when the kids start moving, you need room for their bikes or their noisy ride on trains. Helmets. Swim Bags. Your bikes. Your helmets. Again, bags filled with goodness know what. And then, as in our circumstances, a car that’s wide enough to fit a third car seat!

But preparing for parenthood isn’t the only time you need to really think about purchasing a new car. This time, I’ve been told, happens when the kids reach adolescence.

Picture this…

Three male teens carpooling to cricket practice, footy practice, a swim meet driven by their ever-supportive Mum. Do you know how much room teenage boys take up?

But not only them, their bags too. Cricket bags chucked in the boot, swim bags thrown on top of that, dirty footy boots and smelly, grass-stained clothes stuffed in at the last minute.

Parents of teens know full well the need for not only safety and reliability in a car, but space and comfort too. Lots of space. And a car with electronic windows to send out the general waft that teens create.

I feel like this will be my life in about ten years!

For us, we’ve since sold our safe and reliable Family Wagon when we moved overseas. But I suspect we’ll be on the lookout again in the next few years as our babies reach adolescence and they jam themselves and all their sweaty gear into our car, and I’ll be that poor Mum driving them to their cricket games, swimming lessons, football… wait! What?!

If you’re in our situation and have babies arriving, or planning for the journey that is the Teenage Years, and you need to upgrade your car, have a chat to the lovely people over at NRMA. They have just the right car loans to help you find that perfect car for your family.

There are a couple of ways they can help you. Firstly, check out their car loans for new and used cars. They also have a car loan calculator that makes calculating your loan quick and easy.

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