One Organised Mummy, part 2

As if one post about being organized with a baby was ever going to be enough!  While part one talks about being organizing during pregnancy, part two explores how to get organized once baby arrives.


Baby’s grow so fast, so much so that I had to update his clothes drawers every two-three weeks as he grew out of clothes.  Some of the older clothes I donated to charity whilst other more sentimental clothes such as knitted cardigans from the grannys and the ‘going home from hospital’ outfit I stored under the bed for safe keeping.  Other people sell their baby’s old clothes if they know they’re never going to use them again.  But one thing is for sure, don’t keep outfits in the drawers if your baby doesn’t fit into them.  There will simply not be enough room.


You will receive lots of swaddles, bunny rugs and towels as gifts when you have a baby.  I initially placed all the good items in baby’s own cupboard as I didn’t want to ruin them, and then placed the poorer quality items in hands reach.  But many months later, I had barely used the good items and he was quickly getting to big for them yet all the items I didn’t particularly like we used every day.  Go figure!  So my advice is, put some swaddles, bunnyrugs and towels that you like in places that you can pick up easily.  For me this was on the bottom shelf of the change table for the towels as this is where we dried him after a bath, and on the bottom shelf of the bassinet close to where baby slept we kept the swaddles and bunny rugs.  All the rest of the items, which were a lot, went into the cupboard.


Change Table Organisation

Change Table Organisation

It is my belief that the fundamental key to being organized as a new mum is your change table.  It can make a nappy change take 2 minutes or 20 minutes.  A standard change table looks like the photo here.  Mat on top with two shelves.  As you can see from the pic, I have organized a nappies, nappy bags, wipes, talcs and lotions at the front of the change table. I also have the nasal spray on this shelf as we use it several times a week.  Behind that are the face washers that I use religiously – brown ones for putting under bubby’s bottom during changes so I don’t dirty the change mat cover, and white ones for milk spills, dribbles, vomits and bath time.  On the bottom shelf are towels which again I use many times a day for drying after bath time or nappy off time on the lounge room floor.  I also stuck a plastic hook on the side of the table to hang nappy bags off the side when I have my hands full.


Yes I am pleased to say that I nailed this too!  Every night before I went to sleep I set up my feeding station.  This included two pillows lined up on the couch, a foot stool in front of the couch to put my feet on, a cloth for vomits or milk spills, and my express pump next to me if needed.  My change table was also set up for a change of nappy too.  It included a bag hanging off the side of the table for dirty nappy, a ready to go nappy on top, and the wipes at the front.  All of this enabled me to feed, change bub and get back into bed within thirty minutes of waking.


I have a transparent pouch which sits at the head of my change mat (you can see the outline in the pic).  It contains cotton buds, cotton balls, tweezers, scissors, nail clippers, comb, backup dummy and some ointment for skin rashes.  All of this is stored close together in an easy reach, and can easily be picked up when I leave the house.  So convenient if you ask me!

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