My secret to breastfeeding and exercising in public

Have you ever been exercising with your little ones and had to breastfeed?

Well, my story might sound familiar.

I was sitting on a park bench sweating profusely (it wasn’t even that hot) and flashing my lovely lady lumps to everyone walking past as a I tried to feed my baby.

I was wearing a non-nursing bra that was undone at the back and lifted up to get my size E breast out the bottom. I was wearing a t-shirt that was also lifted and held up by my hand that was twisted around as it was also the hand I used to hold my breast in the right position for a good latch. But as I didn’t have enough spare hands to support the weight of my baby, I was leaning so far forward that my baby didn’t latch properly.

That was the day I developed cracked  nipples from a poor latch and a sore back from the lack of support. I almost gave up breastfeeding.

Mother with stroller

After the birth of my first child,  and as a former gym-junkie and pre-baby long distance runner, I was eager to get back into a regular fitness regimen. I began walking at 6 weeks postpartum.

While in the beginning they were only walks around the block or down the street, they soon turned into long 5km walks and on some days double that.

My little one and I did a lot of walking together, and more often than not I had to breastfeed him at some point in my journey.

This was tricky.

I wanted to wear sports bras and tops that looked good, breathed well and supported me. But there was quite simply nothing available that fit all these criteria. I don’t know about you but that was one of the most frustrating things I faced (and didn’t expect to face) after I had my baby – finding clothes that were suitable for both nursing and exercising.

So what did I do?

I wore expensive maternity bras that looked terrible and had thick fabrics that made me even more hot and sweaty than I already was.

I wore maternity bras that had so little support I tightened the straps to give myself as much support as I could, resulting in the bra digging in under my arm and over my shoulders. Ouch!

Or I wore non-maternity bras with heavy under wire for the support (my poor milk ducts!) and when it came time to feed, yes that’s right – I had to undo my bra at the back to slide my boob out underneath.

All I wanted to do was go for a walk and breastfeed but all these challenges made exercising so difficult.

If I didn’t have such a passion for exercising I’m sure I would have given up pretty quickly. I can understand why some mums just see the venture all too hard.

But after my second baby, my exercising experience changed.

I was asked to review a Cadenshae bra.

I was told it was a maternity bra that looked good and was suitable for exercising – all types of exercise, walking and running.

I was skeptical.

A bra that met all my criteria for a maternity sports bra? Was too good to be true?

No, it was great!!


When it arrived in the mail, I was immediately impressed.

It looked good. Tick – first criteria met.

But could it really do what they said it was going to do?

I decided to test it out straight away – I went for a walk wearing my new bra and a Cadenshae Tank Top that was also given to me.

I was surprised. The material kept me cool in the hot weather, and the design gave me sufficient support for my size E lady lumps! Tick, Tick!

With a cluster feeding newborn it wasn’t long before I needed to feed. I found a shaded spot on a bench and fed.

It was easy.

There was no sweating from a thick and heavy fabric.

There was no flashing with an undone bra.

There were no twisted hands as I tried to hold up a sports top as well as a breast. Instead the flap of the top came down and I breastfed discreetly and easily.

There was no back ache from leaning forward or having straps so tight they dig in, and no cracked nipples from a poor latch. Instead I sat with perfect breastfeeding posture thanks to a bra with thick straps for extra support and a top that I was actually still wearing while feeding!

I was comfortable, relaxed and quite at ease feeding while exercising.

In fact, they make breastfeeding so easy I’ve worn them to the market, to the cinema, and shopping.

I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Let me tell you how you can get your hands on them, at a discount!


So, to show you how much I love this brand, I will be working in close partnership with Philippa from Nurtured Fitness who has kindly offered Canberra Mummy readers a $10 discount on first orders for all her Cadenshae products. All you have to do is enter “canberramummy” as the coupon code by 31/01/2016.

Yay!!! You have no idea how much it excites me that I can be sharing these products with you.

For more information about the Cadenshae brand, please contact Philippa or myself. Philippa is a lovely and knowledgeable Aussie mum who has some pretty awesome products on her website. Check it out! Philippa will be able to help you choose which bra and size is the best fit for you.

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