When your mother says she’s fat

I read this article today by Kasey Edwards ‘When Your Mother Says She’s Fat‘ and it really got me thinking.

A few years ago I read a research article (I will try and dig it up to reference it) where it stated that studies had found mothers who call themselves fat or worry about their weight openly in front of their daughters are more likely to have daughters that worry more about their self image compared to mother’s that didn’t say these things.

This made me ask the question of all my friends, ‘did your mum ever ask if she look ‘fat’ in a dress or openly complain about her weight’.

The overwhelming, yet not surprising, answer was YES!!!

Every one of my friends could recall a time where their mother’s had done this.

This article also made me reflect about the kind of parent I want to be.


I am totally guilty of asking hubby or friends if I look fat in a dress and have definitely complained to them about my weight, particularly my post-partum weight.

But as my baby grows older I don’t want to do this in front of him, or at all, to be honest.  I want to be a beautiful, feminine, healthy mummy that he looks at with utter love and amazement.

I realised in order for me to be this person, I have to start being this person!!!

So, I openly vow to be this person. I will be this person. From now on, I am this person!!!

What I, like other mums, have to realise is the ammaayyzzzing ability of our bodies.

Look what they have done for us! They have grown beautiful babies and some have even been able to sustain another life form for weeks or months on end.  What the hell!!  Why are we soo damn hard on ourselves???  

Soo after reading this piece, I want you all to do one thing….. as you have your night time shower, or as you look at yourself in the mirror cleaning your teeth or as you lay in bed, I want you to thank your body by thinking of at least one thing you love about it.  It could be the way it carried your baby for nine months, how well it performed during labour, or how those extra soft bits now enhance cuddles, or how your new found curves make you feel extra feminine.  

I’m sure if you really thought about it, you could name many more, but I just want you to name one thing, just for tonight!

And one last thing…. if my mum reads this…. I think you’re beautiful, and wonderful, and lovely, and I should definitely tell you this more often…

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