I didn’t want to know my baby’s gender after birth

Ten minutes.

Ten minutes I held my baby in my arms and didn’t know the gender.

I am of the rare breed that doesn’t find out the gender of their babies during pregnancy.

We didn’t find out for our first and we didn’t find out for our second.

I figured there’s not that many surprises in life so this can be one of them.

Adorable beautiful newborn baby cradled in its mothers hands looking up with a look of wonderment

Despite this, it was still an agonizing long nine months not knowing, particularly the second time when you want to sort out the hand me down clothes. And I’m pretty sure I’ve been voted the most annoying friend and family member from people who were more desperate to know than me.

I tried to guess the gender from all those scientific experiments – if my bump was sitting high or low, the ring test, whether I had reflux or not and so on. But at the end of the day I didn’t really want to know.

Many people asked me what I wanted. I said it didn’t matter. But I’m pretty sure they all thought I was lying.

I already have a two year old boy and apparently having the pigeon pair is the way to go. Many people said, ‘I hope you have a girl then you can have one of each’.  But what if “I” (you know, me the mother!) wanted to have another boy. As it turns out I didn’t care what gender my baby was… I loved him or her already.

So when I gave birth to my baby, I cried the tears only a mother seeing their baby for the first time could cry, and looked up at my husband and said, ‘We had a baby’.

Apparently this was funny to everyone in the room. Most people usually say ‘We had a boy/girl’ apparently.

Not I – we had a baby instead.

I held our little angel close to my chest and cried some more.

I didn’t ‘look’. I didn’t want to know. It didn’t matter, their gender.

I was simply happy I had a baby and they were beautiful, healthy and everything I’d dreamed of.

After ten minutes I was forced to find out. My husband was like ‘enough already, I want to know’ and the midwives had paperwork they needed to complete. Damn!

She was a girl.

A beautiful baby girl.

But she could have been a one-eyed monster for all I cared.

Because I already loved her.

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