How to choose a newborn photographer

So you’ve just given birth to the most beautiful little angel you have ever seen.


You love your baby so much you wonder how you will ever love another as much as you love this little one. This is the most precious time in your life and you want to capture it so you don’t ever forget this feeling.

You think the best way you can bottle this moment is to have a newborn photo shoot. Well, you’re not wrong!

But as you start researching newborn photographers, you become overwhelmed with just how many photographers there are.

You ask your friends for help but just as one friend strongly recommends you ‘must’ see a certain photographer, a different friend tells you they are a definite ‘no-no’.

You realise that some photographers have props, while others don’t. You notice some photographers have a studio, whereas other’s don’t. Some photographer’s photos you like, other’s you don’t.

You are so confused.

You don’t know what to do.

How will ever choose the best one?

How to choosea newbornphotographer

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So, how do you know if a newborn photographer is good? And how do you know if a newborn photographer is the best one for you and your baby?

Finding the answers to these questions is tricky.

Lucky for you, I have been doing my research too and have expert insider knowledge about the tips for finding the best newborn photographer for you.

This is what I’ve learnt: ask yourself the following questions:

Do they have experience with babies and children?

Remember the age old advice – “never work with children and animals”. This stems from the fact that they are so unpredictable you can’t control them. But you can have people around you to help make you and your baby feel relaxed.

It is imperative that photographers of newborn babies and children are good with kids. Not only good with kids, but have experience with kids.

In a photography shoot it is the kids who are charge, not the photographer. If they don’t want to do this or do that, then they won’t. Newborn photography is the same.

You probably want your photos to reflect the serenity and peacefulness of a newborn baby; having them upset, crying and screwing up their faces won’t necessarily create the beautiful photos you want to hang on your wall. Having a photographer than can make a baby feel at ease and comforted is essential to having beautiful photos.

Canberra Mums Collage 1Do you like their photographs?

Such a basic question, yet something that we seem to miss in the process of choosing a photographer. We get so caught up in our budgets and what we can/cannot afford, that we lose sight of the bigger picture (pun intended!).

Do you like their style of photography? Do you like their photographs? If you prefer the photographs of your little one to be very natural with little post-production editing, then don’t choose a photographer who spends most of their time editing. Instead, look for a photographer whose spends the time taking and composing a shot, capturing the natural light, placing you, your partner and your baby in perfect positions etc.

Do they provide their own props?

Another essential question that you must ask. If you like a particular photograph a photographer has on their website of a baby snuggled in a woollen blanket laying inside a wicker basket, ask them if this is provided as part of your package. Direct the photographer to the photograph and props that you like, and say you want this photo replicated with your own baby.

There is no point in choosing a photographer and getting to the studio only to find that they haven’t used their own props in the photographs that you like. Ask your photographer what props they provide, and whether you can bring along some props of your own.

image 1

Do they have a budget or a payment plan?

For many people this is a bit of a deal breaker. But it is also a compromise as well.

Firstly, check to see if your photographer can give you a quote, and negotiate with them if you think it is too high. Or, if you want certain shots and not others, ask them if they can do this and negotiate the price around that.

Secondly, ask if they have a payment plan. Often this is a good way of ensuring that you capture your little one at their young age, even if you can’t afford the upfront payment at the time.

Do they communicate with you well?

This is most important when working with a photographer – do they communicate with you well? When you contact them, do they respond in a timely manner or are you waiting weeks on end for a response (while your baby is getting older and older)?

Are they courteous, respectful, friendly and flexible in their responses to you, or are they harsh in their writing? Do they want to meet with you before hand to discuss the photo shoot, or are they unavailable?

All of these things will indicate a photographer’s level of professionalism and reflect their reliability in giving you the service you are paying for. A photographer who is unreliable and hard to contact initially, may have you waiting for months and months for your photos after the photo shoot.

Do they offer digital photographs as well as other products?

Photographs look beautiful on your phone and on your computer, but when you print them out, they are all grainy. This has happened to many parents who take photographs on their phones; they look great on the screen until you print them out and they’re blurry.

Ask if your photographer offers you a range of products. Do they offer only digital or only hard copies? Do they offer both? Do they offer an album with the package?

Do they make you feel comfortable?

Again, this is pivotal to successful newborn photoshoot. Do they make you feel comfortable when you meet with them? You may wish to have semi-nude photographs done with your baby such as skin-on-skin shots, do you think your photographer will make you feel comfortable with this?

Do they offer you privacy with a blanket or a towel? Is the heating in the room at a warm temperature for you and bub? If you aren’t relaxed in your photoshoot, it will show in the photographs.

There are many more tips to finding the best newborn photographer for you, but these are the primary ones. They key messages are, do your research, make contact with a photographer and ask lots of questions.

What do you look for in a newborn photographer? Why would you choose one over another?

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  1. There are some beautiful and unique photographers out there these days. These tips are great to help choose from the masses.

  2. Great tips. I love looking at newborn photos and I’m so glad we did them. Really need to get some more recent ones done now that the kids are a little older too. Xx

  3. I really enjoy these tips for finding the right photographer. Some people are great photographers, but nightmares to work with, so making sure they communicate and work with you well is one thing that for me is super important. I also agree that they should make you feel comfortable. Thanks for the tips!

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