The organised woman’s hospital bag checklist

It’s hard to know what to pack for hospital, so here are my recommendations for the Organised Woman’s Hospital Bag Checklist

Bubbies clothes – onesies in 4 and 5 zeros

You don’t know what size bubba is going to be when they’re born. Best to have a few different sizes, even premmie if you think bub is small.

PJs and bed socks for you

Get out your flanny pj’s and fluffy bed socks, you want your stay at hospital to be comfortable, not a catwalk competition.

Big black knickers that are two sizes too big for you

You may need to be stuffing enormous surfboard maternity pads in your knickers. And buy black, it’s easier to hide the leakages. Then throw them out!

3 packs of maternity pads (you will go through almost a pack a day)

Stock up ladies, gone are your high school spotting days!

Labour music playlist

Forget Kanye, get out Sam Smith!! He’s on my next labour playlist.

Magazines/iPads etc during pre labour (it can be boring – at times)

Yes, I may have read a chapter of my textbook during labour. Oh, and the New idea and Woman’s Day cover to cover!

Maternity bras, but just one as your milk will come and your breasts will enlarge

Buy a bigger size. Your boobies are about to get their own postcode love!

Black dress so the nurses can check your ‘downstairs’ wounds (if you have any) easily

Unless you have a c-section, in which case the wound will be across your mid-section.

Camera for private post birth shots Go on, pack it now!

Toiletries bag of course

Of course…..

Snack food for your support crew – lollies and some apple juice for you to sip on

Yes, a must! You will be hungry (outside of labour) and so will your support crew. Give them loads of sugar in case they have a little fainting spell. They help with their energy levels too!

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