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I am so excited to be welcoming you to Healthy Choices Mummy campaign.

What is being Healthy Choices Mummy?

Being a Healthy Choices Mummy  is about feeling healthy both in your heart, mind and body. Here are some areas that you can make healthy choices in:

  • Body (Eating a healthy balanced diet, eating smaller meals, eating foods you haven’t tried before; Exercising regularly, doing different exercises, stretching: Drinking more water, less alcohol: less caffeine!)
  • Mind (reading, doing crosswords, playing board games, challenging yourself!)
  • Heart (seeing loves ones, catching up with old friends, making new ones, just getting out of the house, being happy within yourself and your life and all that you’ve achieved!)

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? And it’s easy…

Just how easy is it, and how can being a Healthy Choices Mummy help me?

All you have to do to be a Healthy Choices Mummy is to make one healthy choice a day. It could be in any of these three areas listed above. Being a new mum, or expert mum (I like to call all mums with 2+ kids expert mums), it is natural to put the needs of our families before ourselves. And this is why HCM is so good, because you only need to make one healthy choice a day and you are in turn role modelling to your children how to make healthy choices too. This is so important because you are setting the foundations for children’s lives as adults!  By making one healthy choice a day, you may even start to re-frame your thinking and perhaps you will find yourself making three or four healthy choices per day, not just one. You start to think about how you can make meals more healthy (by adding a side of veggies), how a trip to the shops can be made healthy (by walking there) and so on. You may even form healthy habits which become as automatic as cleaning your teeth (you do clean your teeth right?). But remember, just start out small and build if you wish. Being a Healthy Choices Mummy is about happiness and balance. If you’ve made your healthy choices for one day, treat yourself to some dessert! Don’t starve yourself – enjoy life, enjoy being healthy !!

Also, it is by no coincidence that by making healthy choices every day, you reduce the likelihood of developing postnatal depression (PND). There are so many risk factors for PND, but arguably a large portion of the research is dedicated to being healthy and properly supported.

By eating healthy, exercising often, seeing loved ones, getting out of the house, drinking water, relaxing more/stressing less, getting extra sleeping where possible, will help you feel better. Just make one healthy choice a day. Soon enough your one healthy choice will turn in more healthy choices and before you know it, you even have healthy habits! Which is wonderful if you have more children because you will have healthier pregnancies too!.

“The benefits are endless”

What triggered Healthy Choices Mummy?

You may recall a few weeks ago I posted an article about how I was sleep deprived and as a way of coping I ate loads of chocolate, didn’t exercise, barely left the house and didn’t drink any water, which in turn made me feel even worse than I already was. Well to combat those poor coping strategies I decided that all I needed to do to start being healthy again was to make one healthy choice a day.

So I did.

I ate better, exercised more, spent time reading a good book, started writing my own book (another life long goal), saw more friends, left the house more in general, drank more water and tried new activities etc! And here I am today (only three weeks later) feeling better already.

Healthy Choices Mummy was also triggered because I will be having more babies in the future and it is important to me that I make sure my body is baby fit. By this I mean my heart, mind and body is happy,  healthy and strong which is good preparation for the changes that pregnancy brings to your body.

As I suspect there are other mums in the same position as me, I thought I would start documenting just how easy it is to make just one healthy choice a day.

And with this, I welcome you to Healthy Choices Mummy!!!!

If you follow Canberra Mummy, you will receive updates of the healthy choices I make. No, you won’t get a new update every day (but you can be guaranteed that I am making healthy choices every day), rather I will post something new once a week at least to keep you also motivated to make healthy choices too. Perhaps, you might even like to share your own healthy choices too!

What Healthy Choices Mummy is not.

It is not designed to make you feel guilty for eating chocolate and not getting exercise in every day. It is simply about making one healthy choice a day to make you feel better.

It is not a get fit quick, lose weight yesterday, cutting of sugar, carbohydrate depleting, lettuce crunching fad. It is simply about making one healthy choice a day to make you feel better, one day at a time!

“Enjoy life, enjoy being a Healthy Choices Mummy!!”

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