How to be healthy and organised

Having a goal of being healthy goes hand in hand with being organised. I have found that only when I am truly organised, can I be truly healthy.

I go to the supermarket with a list (and I stick to it) and a goal to buy healthy foods with a couple of little treats for the week.

This is the amount I usually buy for two adults and a baby. Seems a lot, but it’s not really when you’re choosing to eat healthy day after day.

veggies 1

Tip: Choose to buy healthy foods when grocery shopping, it makes your healthy choice each day that much easier

When I get home I cut up all my fruit and put them into containers.

I also spend Sunday afternoon cooking a whole heap of meals for the week.

This is what it looks like:

Here you will see what we prepared for this week’s meals. We have some zucchini slice, roasted veggies, some sandwiches for the day’s lunch and a whole stack of fruit.

pic _1

Then our fridge looks completely full. But it is also completely empty by the end of the week with very limited food thrown out.

dfat - 2

hmm… Zucchini slice!!

zucc slice 2

I make my own granola. I lay out all my nuts and seeds on a roasting tray, roast for twenty minutes on 180 and leave to cool before putting in a container for the weeks breaky’s.


I cook up a few meals to freeze. Here I am making salmon patties. They freeze surprisingly well.

salmon paties_1

Want to know what my favourite recipe is at the moment? Try this Spicy Carrot Salad.

What are your tips to staying healthy?

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  1. Looks very delicious. I also am curious about what your “treat” for the week was? My fav at the moment is coconut cacao butter (it’s like nutella but nut-free) YUMMM

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