What would happen if we really loved ourselves?

What would happen if we really loved our bodies?

I mean it… what would your day look like?

Would it look any different to what it already does?

Would you spend more time in front of the mirror each morning?

Would you moisturize more, wear more revealing clothes, eat healthier, exercise more?

And….what would your day look like if you really loved yourself? You know, not just how you looked, but the you inside of you?

Think about the people you love for a minute…

Go on…. think about them


What kinds of things do you do for them?

Do you ensure they eat a balanced diet, lay their clothes out for them each day, get them to bed early, make their day easier, remind them to drink more water, give them shoulder rubs?

How different would your day be if you loved yourself this much?

Mine would change dramatically.

I would get out of bed each morning and spend ten minutes being in a mindfulness state.

I would definitely moisturize more.

Eat healthier.

Drink more water.

I would get more exercise.

Go to bed earlier.

Read more. Groom more. And move more.

I would do things first and not later.

I would be achieving goals then setting more.

I would be balanced, inspired, and vibrant.

I would be healthier, happier, and probably have shinier hair, less wrinkles and be a better friend.

In fact, I would be a better woman, mum, wife. I would be a better loved one.

If your day would look something like this if you loved yourself more… why don’t do you?

If you aren’t going to do it for yourself, do it for your partner, your children or any other loved one who wants you to be the best version of you.

Be you.

Love… you!


A heartfelt message to all the women, mums, sisters, daughters, grandmothers, granddaughters nieces and aunts in the world. And to a special someone – we love you. It’s about time you did too.

 What would your day look like if you loved yourself more? Please share…

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11 Comments on What would happen if we really loved ourselves?

  1. Great share, thanks for post.

  2. Oh Lauren, this is so beautiful! I could really do with giving myself more attention – it’s so easy to subconsciously put everything else first. Thanks so much for joining the My Monthly Loves link up, hope to see you there again next month.

  3. This is a really interesting question and I tend to agree with what you have written. I would eat healthier. Exercise more. Pluck my eyebrows more often. Yell less… You know, all that sort of stuff. But in saying that, I am happy to treat myself in the way I do now. Admittedly it may not be enough, but just enough to keep the balance in check. Great post. Thanks for linking up at Mum-bo Monday

  4. You aren’t wrong. When I think of all we do for the kids each day… And I definitely need to move and moisturise more!

  5. A lovely message – a simple question we should ask ourselves but we don’t. Nice to discover your blog via FYBF @With Some Grace.

  6. Indeed – why don’t we value ourselves and love ourselves more? It would certainly be a happier and healthier world for everyone if we did!

  7. I agree with the sentiment behind this and as much as I want to love myself more I find that I cannot stop putting my family before myself and at the end of the day there is no energy left for loving myself. At the moment I am happy if my family is happy, one day I will find the time and energy for a little more self love.

  8. I think I might groom less! I like to focus on what my body and brain can do and be grateful for that. Thought provoking post!

  9. I honestly believe that it’s so important to do it for yourself and then by doing that you are being a better person for your loved ones. If you’re not doing it for yourself, you’re not being the best version for anyone else. Thanks for the thought provoking post.

  10. Great post. I think what’s stopping me is that I’m firmly in the habit of putting everyone else in the family first. Of course if you think about it, I would be in a much better place to put them first if I put myself first. G

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