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It was a little bit chilly in Canberra today so my healthy choice today was to warm myself up with a delicious cup of green tea.

Have you had it before? It’s delish, particularly with lemon… Yum!!

Green tea with lemon

Green tea with lemon

Green tea is vastly different from black tea. It has less caffeine than a standard cup of coffee and black tea (20m, 100mg and 55mg respectively), and it does not go through the oxidising process that black tea does. Plus it has major healthy benefits – or so called health benefits such as preventing headaches, reducing pain, and in some cases it has been claimed to reduce the chances of cancer. I’m not sure of the legitimacy of these claims so if you’re a sceptic, that is okay, you can just drink it coz it tastes so good!!

For me, green tea reduces bloating and settles my tummy down if I’m not feeling well. Plus, combined with the lemon it is a great metabolism booster!

So next time you wake up on a chilly morning, don’t grab the plunger, instead be a Healthy Choices Mummy and fill up your cup with a cup of steaming green tea x

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