Five P’s of Pregnancy

Getting pregnancy right, the first time...

1 Pilates
Prenatal Pilates to be exact. You don’t realise how important your pelvic floor is until you don’t have one! Get into that Pilates and strengthen it before bubby comes. It will help immensely during childbirth too.

2 Panty liners
Just because the majority of women don’t get their period during pregnancy, doesn’t mean that you don’t need panty liners. With all the extra fluids going around in your body, you will still need to line those knickers of yours. And buy those surfboard maternity pads for after labour – you will absolutely need them!!

3 Prams
Do yourself a favour and research what pram best suits your lifestyle. If you’re going to be walking in shopping centred get yourself one with small wheels, that’s light weight and has lots of storage. If you’re going to be doing a load of outdoor walking then bigger wheels and with a larger hood may be more to your liking .

4 Puking
Yup, you might be one of those lucky women who has morning sickness!! Like me for example. I vomited every month of my pregnancy even during labour but I’m luckier then some who I know who vomited every day of their pregnancies. Or you might not get any morning sickness at all!!

5 Parties
Parties = baby showers. And baby showers = lots of presents. Do yourself a favour and don’t buy a thing for bubby until after your baby shower and definitely don’t buy any clothes or toys for your babe as you will get heaps!!!

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