Divergent Book Review

To those of you who wish to read the Divergent Trilogy….. “Be brave”.

I have spent the best part of the last ten days reading this trilogy. I am a bit of a late comer, the books were released in 2011, 2012 and 2013 and the only reason I came across them is because of the movie. Yes, I am that late…. The first book is already a movie! And by some unknown force they have put the cutest actor as the lead male protagonist, Four. Yes, “like the number 4” and no it is not because one, two and three were already taken….


divergent insurgent1Offical-Allegiant-Cover

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  1. Also read the books after watching the movie! Have to agree with the complete disappointment about the ending of the third book too. Thought it was poorly written as well. I read a few articles about the books & movies. According to what I read, the author wrote the first book without really thinking about the ending. I think it showed. The latter books don’t even come close to the first. Apparently the movies will be different from the books (you’ll notice they’ve already changed a few things). Let’s just hope they change the ending!

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