Decorating kids rooms with wall decals

It’s a truth universally known that I’m not the most skilled at interior decorating.

No matter how much time I spend on Pinterest or perusing through magazines, I still don’t have the skill or style to put a room together.

But I want to… I so desperately want to.

decorating kids room with wall decals


Proudly supported by Bright Star Kids.

I’ve been eyeing off wall decals for years. Years, I tell you  – no exaggeration!

But I’ve been put off purchasing them because the website’s have been hard to navigate, the products have been too expensive, I’ve been worried they will peel the paint, and basically because I’m inept at making a white wall look nice I know I will stuff it up. I have had visions of me curled up in a ball on the floor crying in frustration with pieces of wall decal torn and stuck together and stuck to me.

So when I was offered the opportunity by Bright Star Kids to trial their wall decal I was hesitant. All my judgments of wall decals (expensive, ruining the walls, me being horrendously un-stylish, and visions of me curled up in a ball) came flooding in. But after doing a bit of research and navigating their website I noticed several things.

Firstly, I found their website was easy to navigate. This is a big must for me as any website that takes you through 1001 pages makes me frustrated and they lose me as a customer. Bright Star Kids’s website was super easy to use.

Secondly, their prices were very reasonable. I have seen wall decal that costs the Earth, but this is not the case with Bright Star Kids – their products where the cheapest I have seen on the market. And I should know, I’ve been doing my research on wall decal for years, even before my first born came into the world two years ago.

Thirdly, and most importantly for me, they had a large range of wall decals and provided several images of how I could use them within my home. This gave me some styling ideas on where and how I could use different decals in different rooms within my home; my bedroom, the nursery, my toddlers room. They gave me to the confidence to go ahead and agree to trailing their products.

The products came within a week or ordering them on line, and I was pleasantly surprised at how they felt when I touched them. Similar to a fabric. They were clearly of a very good quality.


All the decals were easy to peel off and I didn’t have to worry at all about my tearing the leg off a bird or ripping the propeller of the plane.

trucks and cars packaging

I initially asked my husband for help, but as you can see him in this picture lying on the bed enthralled in his game of chess (hmmf!) I didn’t actually need him anyway. Even heavily pregnant, it was no hassle for me to stick the decals on the wall (they weren’t above head height anyway).

birds on a wire start

You will see we deliberately chose to put them up at night when our toddler was asleep as I figured he would get under my feet or pull at the long black decal lines. It didn’t matter that the light wasn’t great (I turned off the main light for some mood lighting in the photos), as I was able to line everything up accordingly.

birds on a wire at night

However, I realised pretty quickly that even if I did make a mistake, which I did for one of the birds, I was able to pull it off the wall very easily. It didn’t leave a mark on the wall at all and didn’t peel the paint – myth debunked!!! And despite me pulling them off several times to get the right positioning (see I told you my foresight is ordinary), they still stuck on perfectly.

birds on a wire day 2

And they looked just as good in the day time as they did in mood lighting at night. Go me!!

birds on a wire day 3

The next morning I did my toddler’s room. I had recently moved around his furniture to make room for the new baby and created him a little reading nook.

reading book 1

I love the blue stars on his wall next to his books. He loves books and we spend a lot of time here reading and snuggling under blankets. When he came home from childcare and saw the blue stars, you should have seen his eyes light up. He pointed and said ‘star’ in his beautiful high-pitched two year old voice. On the other side of the book shelf, not in picture, are red stars lined up the same as the blue. I like the different colours but if I had had more foresight (!) I would have purchased more blue stars and made an entire feature wall out of the stars.

On the opposite side of the room is his cot and favourite stuffed toys. Let’s be honest – they’re all his favourites!

clouds and planes

He loves to pull his teddies off this stand and re-arrange them so I thought this would be the perfect spot for some more wall decal. When he saw the clouds and planes he squealed in delight! The photo doesn’t do this justice, but these plane wall decals really completes his room!

Overall I was really impressed by the quality of these wall decals and how easy they were to put up. So easy in fact a novice like me could do it and make the room look stylish!

All my my myths around decals have been completely debunked. They don’t have to be expensive, they are good quality, they don’t peel the paint off the walls, you don’t have to have the interior decorating gene to make them look good, and most importantly they were so easy to use I didn’t end up in a ball on the floor crying!  Winner Winner!

Although this is a sponsored post, I can genuinely say that if you are interested in wall decals, I strongly recommend Bright Star Kids. I have their products to be of good quality and their customer services excellent.

If wall decals aren’t your thing, they also have a huge range of other items available too such as name labels, wall art, and personalised gifts, backpacks and clothing.

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  1. What a fantastic idea! I particularly love the bird decals, so simple yet really effective.

  2. I love wall decals. I have the most beautiful decals from Love Mae for my first sons nursery of forest creatures and a beautiful tree with little birds on it. Just gorgeous. It can certainly decorate a space with a low budget also 🙂 Coming over from Aussie Parenting Bloggers. x

  3. I like what you did with the decals. They are such a fun way to spruce up a room and you can easily change them as the kids get older and have different interests. Much easier than painting!!

  4. I’m off to check them out! I need to replace the jungle animal ones I put up when my second son was born. He’s now 3 and sharing the room with his 5yo brother!

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