For the first time this year, we have created the Canberra Mummy Christmas Appeal where we’ll be raising money for a charity organisation. Each year we will choose a different charity to support.

Given the depth of the domestic violence issue in Australia, in particular Canberra, we have chosen Domestic Violence Crisis Service (DVCS) as our charity to support in this appeal’s inauguration.

Imagine feeling so powerless that you are unable to leave a relationship to protect yourself and your children.

For many of us this level of control from a partner seems unimaginable, yet it is the reality for many victims of domestic (family) violence.

Domestic Violence Crisis Service (DVCS) have had record breaking numbers of women and children needing emergency accommodation, and the need is only going to increase over the next few months. Christmas is a time where many victims of domestic violence, namely mothers and children, are exposed to increasing levels of family violence.

This is the time when they need us the most.

This is the time when we need to take a stand to make a difference.

Donate now.

DVCS offer many services to victims of family violence: crisis accommodation, counselling, court support, safety planning, support groups, young people’s outreach etc.

To help DVCS continue to support those in our community who are the most vulnerable, please donate now.

Donate a lot or donate a little; every little bit makes a difference.

This is what your donation could bring to a child:

$15.00 – Child Care Pack (includes colouring book, pencils, breakfast and dinner)
$30.00 – Client Care Pack (includes toiletries, breakfast, dinner, underwear and socks)
$50.00 – Baby/Toddler Pack (includes nappies, formula, baby food, bottles)
$150.00 – One night of emergency accommodation for a family
$300.00 – Two nights of emergency accommodation for a family
$500.00 – A spot in one of our Support Groups for a mother or a child who has lived with domestic or family violence
$1,000.00 – A Family Fun Picnic for all children and their families that we support. Picnics include seasonal activities and food

As you can see, even the smallest donations matter.

Please donate now to support our most vulnerable community members at