Canberra Mums Have Baby Brain!

Can’t find your wallet? Try looking in the dishwasher.

What about the milk? Try the bathroom.

Think that’s weird? Washed your hair with body wash instead of shampoo, or had a shower with your clothes on?

Us Canberra mums have pretty much done it all when it comes to suffering from baby brain, and we aren’t ashamed to talk about it!

So come on… have a laugh on us, we want you to!

Read on as us mums share our favourite baby brain stories in…

Canberra Mums Have Baby Brain!

baby brain

Some times I find things out of place & think “who did this?” But I never want to say anything because it was obviously me…. 

I was putting my shoe on and noticed my leg was hairy… But I swear I shaved last night… Oh but I did shave… The other leg…. TWICE!

Couldn’t find my wallet ANYWHERE. Was stressing out big time. Turns out I put it in the dishwasher when I was clearing the bench of dishes. Luckily hadn’t turned it on yet.

The other day I plugged in my iPad to charge and it wouldn’t so assumed the cable was broken so I went out and bought a new one, came home and it didn’t work, went back out and bought another one (plus bought one off eBay) came home it didn’t work either only then did I realise the power point was switched off

I had just left for the house to get the bus for school, and I walked down the steps at the unit complex and out to the road and realised I had no shoes on – silly/funny preggo brain

Put on a pot of soup… 45 mins later to check on it and hadn’t turned the hot plate on = take away night

I tried to brush my armpits instead of shave them…. they weren’t THAT long!!

Instead of putting the dogs outside the other day I went & put them in my bedroom & shut the door. Took me a while to realise & I was so confused about how they’d got in there

Locked us out of the house today. Stayed at the inlaws and convinced myself before we left I had the keys. No. No keys

When I was pregnant with Amelia I forgot which side of the road to drive on so I had to wait until I saw someone else leave the carpark haha and later that day I forgot where I parked at the mall and tried using my phone number as the pin on my card and had to explain what happened to the bank I called hubby in tears!

Stepping into a hot shower still wearing my underwear and socks!

Lol. Today’s efforts were putting the toaster away …. In the fridge! Because of course that’s the logical place for it to live!

I was cracking an egg into a silicone bowl so used the edge of the sink as a hard surface to crack the shell. Instead of opening the shell into the silicone cup, I cracked the egg into the sink.

My husband has found milk in the bathroom pork mince in the laundry and I made a batch of stock the other day and tipped the whole thing down the sink

Just left the bath running for ages so it would be filled by the time I came back in. Came back in only to realise I hadn’t even put the plug in

I did the iPhone cord thing a few months ago, kept trying to sink my phone to the computer but it wouldn’t connect then realised I hadn’t actually plugged the usb end in

I had to have the home doctor come to my house for marlee because i couldnt get into the clinic. only then did i notice that i had lost my car key!!! anyways, i had to break into my car to get my medicare card out so they would bulk bill me, and then i spent the next day and a half searching for this lost key! only to find it when i decided to do my washing from two days before!!! lucky it still worked!!

I ran out of petrol. Not because I didn’t have money. No just because I was to oblivious to look at my petrol gauge for a few days haha! Was super embarrassed to call for help

Did you have baby brain during your pregnancy… or after bub was born? Yes, sorry ladies… it continues even after bub is born! Please share your stories below….

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  1. Laughed out loud at the dogs locked in the bedroom! That’s hilarious! Baby brain does weird things to you that’s for sure!

  2. When I was pregnant I used to have real trouble with the shopping – on several ocassions I walked away from the register without my shopping, and then I always put a few things away in random places when I got home. Once I left a bag of shopping in the car boot for 2 days. It had raw chicken in it 🙁 That was not a pleasant discovery!

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