Can the real Canberra Mummy please stand up?

Remember me? I’m that person that created a mummy blog eleven months ago.  I had plans of blogging at least once a week to boost the confidence of mothers all around Australia and the world! But life got in the way.

As of today, I haven’t posted a piece for three weeks (but it feels much longer, believe me!).

I still love writing and I still have hundreds of ideas for pieces going around in my head at any one time, but I’ve been doing other kinds of writing.  I’ve been smashing out a thesis, and now I have returned to work I’ve been writing comprehensive reports for children and their families.

You see I couldn’t do it all.


Prioritising time with Canberra Bubby and Canberra Hubby

I always knew it would be difficult to manage all the things I wanted to do….. blogging, study, work, “mumming”, “wifeing”, running, living healthy etc. I thought with a bit of management I could achieve all of these things, but I couldn’t.

So I prioritised, and unfortunately that meant blogging took a back step for a while. You see I was investing in my future, aka study, and that meant I had to focus all my energy pumping out some data analysis and formal academic writing. Meanwhile, I also prioritized mumming and wifeing for the two most important men in my life, Canberra Bubby and Canberra Hubby.

I prioritised my work… yes it’s true, “bad mummy”, right? It broke my heart to send Canberra Bubby to childcare, but returning to work was a life changer. I remembered the person I was pre-baby, and it gave me confidence again in my knowledge and skills in my field. Plus, bub’s development has skyrocketed as he is now socialising more.

I prioritised living a healthy lifestyle. We have been doing a combination of the Slow-Carb Diet (thanks to Tim Ferris of the 4HB) and Paleo (thanks to Chef Pete Evans). And anyone who has done Paleo before knows how much cooking and organisation it involves.

So blogging took a back step.

But it made me realize something.

I can’t be everything to everyone.

I can’t be perfect at it all… hell, I can’t even do it all.

If fact, I’m not sure anyone can. Certainly, there are many people who I know that appear to have it all: there are others who totally bust a nut to try and have it all.

But is it realistic?

Doesn’t something have to give at some point in time?

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  1. Great blog post Lauren! I have also tried to do it all and really still trying. Just like you, I work and blog and am my to 3 kids so love your honesty in this post – here’s to living life!

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