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Who said going out for breakfast leads to unhealthy choices?

This weekend hubby and I decided to spend Sunday morning at out favourite restaurant, Elk and Pea in Canberra. In the past, I would have ordered Eggs Benedict or something like that, but today I made a conscious effort to choose healthy.

So this Sunday, my health choice was….

Bircher Muesli

Coconut and cinnamon infused muesli, poached pear compote, toasted nuts 

Bircher muesli with yoghurt, apple and pear


… and this chased by a soy latte was my perfect breakfast! I am a huge muesli lover. I would eat it three times a day if I had the choice. Bircher muesli is different from your standard muesli’s as it usually soaked in a juice, generally apple juice. It makes it sweeter but still very healthy. This version had roasted nuts, currants and shredded coconut which added extra macro-nutrients, texture and flavour to the dish. It is also very easy to make it home. You simply let your muesli/oat mixture soak in apple juice for an hour in the fridge, then mix in all the additions you want – roasted nuts, coconut, raisins or currants, pear, berries, yoghurt – you name it, add it! I would add a little bit of cinnamon and grated apple to the mixture during the soaking process for extra flavour!

So next time you’re out for breakfast, have a think about how you can be a Healthy Choices Mummy.’


What were your healthy choices this weekend?

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