Babywearing Yoga Canberra

Yoga is no longer the pop-culture buzz word it once was.

There is scientific research that supports yoga as a stress and anxiety reduction technique. It increases participant’s relaxation states and improves strength and posture.

For this reason, as well as the social aspect of a regular yoga class, it is a beneficial way of life for mums and dads.

And now it has an added benefit –  you can do it with your family as babywearing yoga is now available in Canberra!


Base Yoga offers Canberra’s premier babywearing Yoga instructor and child friendly yoga sessions.

Base Yoga focuses on the strength and fitness aspects of yoga whilst also promoting the bonding and nurturing benefits that come from babywearing.

All Base Yoga sessions are child friendly meaning that you can exercise without having to worry about getting back home to a babysitter or having strangers in a gym crèche watch your children.

They also welcome babywearing Dads to our sessions!!


Base Yoga believes that the practise of Yoga is one of the most under utilised aspects of a fitness journey because people sometimes only see Yoga as a spiritual construct. Whilst they still understand the principles and spiritual connections that are generated through yoga, Base Yoga babywearing sessions do not incorporate a meditation as they have children participating too.

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