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This afternoon I had a choice.

It was 3pm and I was craving some food. That’s not unusual, most people get the 3 o’clockitis… but instead of going for the chocolate or hot Milo I ‘chose’ to go healthy.

Here is my Healthy Choices Mummy afternoon snack:

Avocado, tomato and cream cheese on rice cakes.

Afternoon Tea

Avocado, tomato and cream cheese on rice cakes.

The recipe is pretty complex:

  • Put rice cake in left hand (must be left hand)
  • Spread with cream cheese
  • Plonk on some tomato slices
  • Strategically place avocado
  • Throw on some seasoning

See you can really only make it if you’re an expert chef (insert sarcastic look)!!!

It is delicious, simple and super quick to make, which is what Healthy Choices Mummy is all about. It took me all of two minutes to create this little gem. Even the busiest mums can do it! Plus, I felt great for the rest of the afternoon and didn’t feel bloated or comfortable (and guilty), which is how I usually feel after eating junk food.

Enjoy x

What was your healthy choice today? Think about this little snack for your afternoon tea tomorrow.


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