“It is about time we started being honest about pregnancy and parenting – about how heart breakingly challenging and overwhelmingly beautiful it is”

Lauren, aka Canberra Mummy, is an Australian based author. She’s a self-confessed perfectionist that laughs her way through parenthood realising that being pregnant and having babies makes you, ironically, a less than perfect parent, and a far from perfect perfectionist.

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Lauren’s positive approach to all of her parenting challenges mean she is forever reframing difficult situations into positive learning experiences. Through her positive approach and mindfulness perspective, she has helped women from all around the world gain a more positive appreciation for their role as a mother. Her truthful and honest approach has won her acclaim across social media outlets.

While her published work has had a viral welcoming on Huffington Post and iVillage, Lauren is the primary author of this witty and reflective blog that looks at anything pregnancy and parenting related. She knows mummies and writes openly about the challenging moments, the beautiful moments and all those funny and embarrassing moments that no one talks about.

Lauren works with children and their families and has postgraduate qualifications in psychology.

Lauren is a full time mum, a full time wife, a writer, a novelist, a runner, a sponge for knowledge and a recovering stutterer.

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