5 Ways to successfully travel with kids

Have you heard the horror stories of travelling with kids?

The late nights?

The unsettled routines?

The tantrums?

Well, we’ve been doing a fair bit of travelling of late, moving to a foreign country with two under two kind of helps in that regard, and I feel like we have just about nailed a successful family holiday.

But it’s taken a long time to get us here, so I thought I’d let you in on our secret and share five ways to successfully travel with kids.

Secrets to travelling with kids

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Hierarchy of toys

First things first. Pack toys that are a) a favourite, and b) keep them entertained the longest, but don’t give them to your child all at once. Of the favourite toys, start with the least favourite then work your way to the most favourite.

We usually start with cars and trucks. They are always a winner with our toddler and they entertain him for at least twenty minutes.

Then we work our way through the toys – colouring-in is next, stickers after that, books after that. For the big finale that we know will keep him busy for hours (and I mean hours!) is the iPad. And what we choose on the iPad has a hierarchy too. We start with educational Apps such as learning numbers or how to write letters. Next we move to learning about animal sounds and a pre-school education App.

Finally, our big wham bam thank you mam finale of all finale’s are episodes of Play School and Peppa Pig! We are in desperation mode when we hit these high notes, but they are a guaranteed winner, winner chicken dinner!


Take it with you. Don’t buy it on the run, unless absolutely necessary. We usually take food with us, but the times we haven’t, we’ve regretted it. We usually end up eating something completely over processed, high in salt, or high in sugar, and the behaviour of our child sky rockets. I choose to take cut up carrot, cucumber, hummus dip (in a sealed container), bananas, strawberries and a packet of plain biscuits. Again, we have a hierarchy of foods and always finish on the biscuits!

At our destination, we always try and take breakfast ourselves (if the buffet breakfast isn’t available) rather than trying to find food in the early morning. We always, always take snack food with us. This includes plain biscuits, bread rolls, rice crackers etc. They are a lifesaver during the inevitable times when you have to wait for a taxi or you’re in a long queue.


When you have one child, you can pretty much stay in a one room accommodation. But two or more, you need to be looking at villa’s as there are very few two bedroom apartments available to families. We have tried the one room thing, but the kids just end up waking each other up and making each other laugh at midnight. As cute as it is, you can imagine how impressed we were when this happened to us! Now we usually look for affordable family villas that have at least two bedrooms.

Pack the car well

When traveling in the car with kids, always make sure you put the most needed items on top and within reach. I have by my legs in the front seat – baby wipes, food and drinks, and toys. In the backseat on the top are more wipes, nappies and nappy sacks. Underneath them are hats, sunscreen, mozzie repellant and a change of clothes. This all means you can get to your destination quicker without too many unnecessary stops.

Take it with you

Not sure whether to take your port-a-cot with you? Take it, even if the hotel says they have a cot. My experience is that if you don’t want your kids kicking you in the face while you’re sleeping, take the cot. The hotel says they can provide one, but if they can’t due to some ‘unforeseen reason’ you have a back-up.

This also applies for prams. If you have a bulky pram, go purchase a cheap travel stroller. You will need it to save your back as walking around an aquarium, zoo, bird park holding kids, sucks! And despite what your toddler tells you, they won’t walk. Save your sleep and back – take the cot and the stroller! Chuck it all in the boot of the car!

These are our top five secrets to travelling with kids. They work! Trust me,

But I can also let you in on another secret to – how to fund your family holiday!!!

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What are your travel secrets with children?

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