5 things you should never say to a pregnant woman… and the responses you can expect to hear!!!

Sometimes it's hard for people not put their foot in their mouth when talking to a pregnant woman. This includes men and women, and believe it or not those with and without kids. So here is a guide for people who don't want to offend their pregnant friend, work mates or even complete strangers.

5. Omg, look at you… you’re huge!!!

…Or small. You wouldn’t dare comment on a woman’s size if she wasn’t pregnant so why change the rules when she is??? She knows how big or small she is and she doesn’t need you pointing it out to her!

The response… “Omg, look at you… you’re huge!!”

4. Are you sure you’re not having twins?
Yes she’s sure and what you’re really saying is… You’re huge!! If you don’t understand this… See point 5.

The response… “Are you sure you’re not having twins?”

blah blah blah3. Do you know what you’re having?
Errrrrrrm well… What I think you actually mean is, ‘do you know the gender of your baby?’

The response… “Well I’m hoping for a baby but who knows really?”

2. Was it planned??
I could have slapped the people who said this to me? “Was it planned?” Really… Did you just ask that? Talk about a personal question that is completely none of your business. And…. If the pregnancy wasn’t planned the mother feels obliged to back it up with, “no not planned but… We’re really happy” like they have to justify themselves.

The response… “Planned? No, we were planning on getting a dog”

And the golden question…

1. Do you know who the father is?
Errrr… R.U.D.E!!! This is so rude on soo many levels. Firstly, none of your business. Secondly, none of your business, and thirdly, you’re rude! People assume that just because she doesn’t have a ring on it that she doesn’t know who the father is!

The response…“No actually I don’t. In fact I just woke up one day pregnant. But thanks for asking”.

So there it is, next time you talk to a pregnant woman just remember… if you ask a stupid question, expect a stupid answer.

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