7 lessons of having a baby

If you were anything like me, you researched the entire Internet before you had a baby.

You wanted to get everything right.

You wanted to know everything already.

You didn’t want any awful surprised.

But when you held that little baby in your arms for the first time, your entire world changed. Suddenly everything you knew about parenting was wrong…. after all no one could explain in writing what that feeling is like when you first hold your little one.

So, I compiled a list of everything I never expected to learn when I had a baby.

7 lessons of having a baby

People management
Managing families, managing friends and managing work mates! Not to mention managing you and your partner. Visitors and visitor cuddles are best to be worked around to bubbys schedule as they are easily unsettled.

Toe dexterity
With your arms full with a baby you can pretty much guarantee they will spit out their dummy, or you will drop their blanket, hat or bib. So learning how to pick things up with your feet when no one is there to help with soon become second nature.

Being famous
People love babies!! Like it not you will need to be prepared for random people coming up to you asking the same old questions, ‘how old?’, ‘boy or girl?’, ‘good sleeper?’. Be prepared for people smiling at you as you walk down the street with your beautiful baby in the pram, and be prepared for other peoples kids to come and touch your baby. I had to basically peel back the fingers of a random little girl at the pool last week who tried to take my bub out of my arms in the pool. I resorted to using my mummy voice for the first time ‘get your hands off the baby’.

Dummy sucker
That’s right…Babies have more dummy spits than pro soccer players and you will be forever picking them up (10 second rule!) and shoving them in your gob for a quick wipe. Alternatively you will be getting bubby into the car and shoving that thing in your mouth while you get them sorted in their seats, just remember to take it out. Many a time I have walked into a supermarket with a dummy in my mouth!

Challenge textbook parenting

People say there is no rule book, and they are right! Every baby is different. What works best for you, might be the exact opposite of what works for your friend’s baby.

Recovery is long

I was surprised at how long recovery takes. I had a pretty standard delivery, but my recovery took so long. I really under estimated this aspect of my pregnancy/labour.

You are still emotional, more so if possible.

This was a huge surprise for me. I became completely protective, irrationally so, of my little one. If someone held him incorrectly, I took them out of his hands. If he vomited, I felt terrible for over feeding him. If he drank all my milk, I worried I didn’t have enough supply. When driving I grumbled at other people who sped, I grumbled at people who walked past the house at night talking loudly when my baby was asleep. I grumbled when someone came to visit and rang the door bell. What a grump I was!

What did you unexpectedly learn after you had a baby?

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