4 easy steps to a healthy pregnancy

There are so many blogs about what you should and should not do during pregnancy.... And this is one of them!!! But mine is different... Why??? Because I encourage you to make your own decisions as long as they're informed decisions.

1 eat healthy
Now this doesn’t mean sucking lettuce leaves for dinner rather it means to eat a well balanced diet with lots of fruit and veg. There is a lot of information about not eating certain foods such as types of cheeses and bagged lettuce. The basis behind this is the risk of contracting listeriosis. A food borne bacteria, listeriosis (listeria) is a rare diseases but the consequences of contracting are very severe and can include miscarriage. It is often associated with soft cheeses, bagged lettuce and undercooked or raw meats/seafood. Further, it is advised by medical practitioners to not eat left over food unless re-heated at a high temperature and to avoid deli foods where possible. It is your choice to decide whether to abide by this advise or not, many women avoid these foods whereas others eat them in moderation. Just ensure you base your decision on sound advice.

Prior to being pregnant I ate fruit for afternoon tea and had little carbs as bread and pasta have never sat well with me but when I fell pregnant I felt so unwell that all i wanted was to eat bread and rice. So I made weekly slow cookers with lots of veg and ate it with rice or pasta – so yummy!! And I couldn’t stomach my usual fruit of melons and apples so I ate bananas and strawberries… delish!!!


2 get some exercise
Easy said then done especially if you’re experiencing morning sickness. I went from a marathon training, weight lifting fitness freak to only walking to work. I had planned on being a super fit yummy pregnant lady but the morning sickness knocked me for a six so it was all I could do to walk to and from work. They recommend thirty minutes of exercise a day. They key to exercise in pregnancy is not to increase what you were doing pre-pregnancy. Soo… If you’re an uber-fit-marathon-runner don’t go doing any ultra marathons and if you are a three-times-a-week-walk-around-the-lake-er then don’t do start training for a marathon. I was devastated to have found out I was pregnant the day before running the leg of a half ironman, which I had never run before so I had to pull out. But I didn’t want to risk over doing it.

3 drink lots… of water
I read somewhere that drinking lots of water is helpful to your baby as it flushes out the amniotic fluid (maybe some pro nurses or doctors can clarify). But regardless of whether this is true or not drinking lots of water is so good for flushing out your system anyway.

And what about drinking alcohol you say?? Well the jury is still out of the impact of different levels of alcohol on baby’s development in utero, however, many practitioners will advise you not to drink. I didn’t drink alcohol during my pregnancy due to the unknown risks but many of my friends drank anywhere between sips to three glasses and they all had beautiful, healthy little babies. Whatever decision you make, just make sure it’s an informed decision – do your research and ask medical professions for guidance.

4 don’t stress
Easy said than done right? No, wrong…. Just stop it! Stop stressing!! Seriously, having a high stress job or home life can increase your cortisol levels (your stress hormone) and can affect your baby’s brain development. That’s right, it is serious! There is a great deal of research that has found links between synapses in baby’s brain forming differently in utero when the mother had been under high levels of stress, for example when the mother and baby were exposed to domestic violence. So get out your yoga mats and bath salts and de-stress with some yoga and a relaxing bath before bed!!

So there it is… 4 easy steps to a healthy pregnancy !!!

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